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Wood Wax 22 , 450ml Clear

A blend of beeswax and carnuaba wax in a non-harmful solvent making a soft paste wax which is fast and easy to use, ideal for use on lathe work, bare or sealed wood, furniture and other finished surfaces.

Typical uses – To finish bare, sealed or previously finished wood on or off the lathe.

Method of application – Cloth, Steel Wool or Brush

Drying time – Within five minutes

Coverage – 3-8 sq,m per litre

Compatibility – Can be used over any of the sealers or lacquers, Finishing Oil

Tips – Apply thin coats, buff as soon as possible . Clear conforms to EN71 for use on toys

Safety Considerations – Highly Flammable. Does not contain harmful solvents(see Safety Data Sheet or warnings on can for full details).